Sanctuary for lovers of the finest selection of rums this side of Havana

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Destined to be a sanctuary for lovers of the finest selection of rums this side of Havana, The Daily Tot is a tribute for our love of rum, cocktails and fine spirits which has no boundaries. Those who insist on having a good time; starting a little earlier and going on a little later will find haven amongst us!



The Daily Tot has handpicked a collection of rums sourced locally and internationally from distilleries around the world to be one of the most diverse in Hong Kong. We feature rums from various regions such as the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Asia. Our collection includes some of the rarest rums, blended rums and aged-rums.

No Boundaries Cocktail Menu

An ode to 300 years of Navy tradition, The Daily Tot holds Caribbean rum at its heart. This 1,300 sq ft Cuban-inspired bar located on the corner of Hollywood road and Peel street pays homage to the centuries-old ritual of handing out a daily rum ration, ‘the daily tot’ to royal navy sailors from 1850 to the 1970s, aiming to build a sailor’s confidence, boost morale and keep warm at sea.

Rum is one of the most diverse, contentious and fascinating spirits spanning all over the world on dozens of islands. Soaked in the history books, we believe rum drunk neat is a marvel, and when used in mixed drinks, it can be magical. The bar programme will feature 11 signature rum cocktails alongside a niche collection of rums sourced from distilleries in the heart of the Caribbean.

The team will highlight rum as a serious contender amongst the other spirits we all admire. The bar team will also create a variety of non-rum cocktails, wines and beers on tap, which will be available with an innovative bar snacks menu.

Our Team

of Rum Runners


Tiana Ludhani

Co-Founder & General Manager

Tiana was born in Taiwan with her family roots from Barbados. Being in the F&B industry for 8 years as a marketing and events manager, her first love has been rum and second- the bar industry. Bringing her knowledge of rum to Hong Kong, she has launched the Daily Tot and has handpicked the rum collection to showcase sipping rums, blended rums and the best rums for mixology. Her eagerness to introduce the beauty of rum to Asia has finally seen her dream come true.



Bar Manager

The rising star of famed Lily & Bloom, Bikash is a creative soul who works towards showcasing his favourite herbs and spices with rum at The Daily Tot. Managing the team of talented bartender, Bikash is always on the lookout for new concoctions, trying out new sipping rums and constantly adding to our collection of ever growing rums. Over eight years in bartending and four in management, Bikash is incredibly skilled at ice carving.


Maikal Gurung

Assistant Bar Manager

Maikal has been in the F&B industry for years and has several personas to his mixology career at Lobster Bar at the Shangri-la Hong Kong.

Maikal eagerness to explore new adventures in the world of mixology has led him to the Daily Tot.

Letting his creativity thrive, he is leading the team of rum runners and young bartenders through the journey of rum.


Bipan Limbu


Bipan is a rising star being part of the Daily Tot, he continues to charm guests and has a great skill at recommending his favourite rums.


58 Hollywood Road, Soho, Hong Kong

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